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Residential Council Minutes :: September 12, 2000

Hi guys! I'm not quite sure how meeting minutes worked last year, so if anyone has
any suggestions as to how exactly they would prefer them to be in the future, let me know.

*I couldn't write fast enough to get down all of the program house liaisons, so hopefully Chad will be sending out that email shortly. (And since I don't yet know everyone's names, I could get down the committee assignments either, I apologize.)

Recap of old business
*Clarification of Alpha Chi Omega's status: they will remain class C status, but their kitchen/lounge will be opened up to the rest of the independents.
*Committee to Renovate Emery-Woolley and Morriss-Champlin.
-The new furniture is already in place.
-Three test rooms have been set up with different layouts to be evaluated throughout the semester.
Future plans for these dorms include:
--possible closing off of the ends of halls without stairwells into
suites with common rooms
--ripping out the built in closets to be replaced with portable closets
--new closets, repairing of electrical outlets/data ports, new carpeting
for the hallways
--improving lighting w/overhead lights, creating panels for pinning
things up rather than painted walls
--the VW is also under the original scope of the renovations, but it
needs more extensive work.

New Business
*Housing shortage - due to a smaller senior class and more seniors living
on campus
--There are currently still 44 triples
--just about every dorm has been affected by this shortage - lounges have
been converted in Emery-Woolley, Barbour, Keeney, Andrews, New Dorm and
some of Wriston
-- the hope is that many of these may be temporary, but it is not known
for exactly how long
*Please write you letter to your respective program house - Chad will
send around the contacts for each house shortly.
*Campus Life Task Force Report - discussed briefly, will be discussed
again next week

Submitted by Alissa Levine, Residential Council Secretary, '00-'01