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Residential Council Minutes :: September 19, 2000

Present: Chad Farrell, Joshua Gang, Samuel Gorstein, Robbie Joseph, James Katz, Sanders Kleinfeld, Jennifer Kramer, Alissa Levine, Ross Lipsky, Andrew Lom, Casey Marks, Leah Scherzer, and Avital Wenger

Absent: Justin Castillo, Laura Goodman, and Doug Lincoln

1. Wednesday September 20, 8pm - UCS meeting regarding the Campus Life
Task Force Report

2. Committee Reports
a. Lottery - will plan next meeting
b. Program House - letters should be written and ready to be sent to houses and Diman and Harkness will hold initial meeting this week (Diman Wed Sept 20 7:30pm and Harkness Thurs Sept 21 10pm)
c. Policy - noting currently pending

3. Discussion of the Campus Life Task Force Report
a. How do we build more of a community at Brown?
b. Look at proposed Emery/Wooley and Morris/Champlin suites and
the proposed clusters in those areas as well as Wriston as an example
c. Inclusion of many additional resources such as computer
clusters, meeting rooms, exercise rooms, etc - are these realistic?

4. Next meeting - Wednesday September 26, 2000 12noon in South Wayland Lounge.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55pm

.Submitted by Alissa Levine, Residential Council Secretary 2000-2001