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Residential Council Minutes :: September 26, 2000

Present: Chad Farrell, Joshua Gang, Samuel Gorstein, Robbie Joseph, James Katz,
Ssanders Kleinfled, Alissa Levine, Ross Lipsky, Andrew Lom, Casey Marks, Leah
Scherzer, and Avital Wenger

Absent: Jennifer Kramer, Justin Castillo, Laura Goodman, Doug Lincoln

Committee Reports

Lottery - will plan meeting after Residential Council meeting
Program House - the president, treasurer, and social chairs for Diman and Harkness have been elected and letters will be sent to all program house presidents
Policy - At the UCS meeting, Vice President Montero and Dean Dunbar were there to discuss the Campus Life Task Force Report

Major Details Discussed:
-It is felt that the new Life Sciences Building, Smith Buonanno, and the bio-med
center will contribute to a successful cluster on the Pembroke Campus
-There is currently a pilot project in Andrews this fall with the different spaces
being used for an exercise room, a faculty fellow room and others with a coordinator
to keep track of scheduling
-In the ideal case, there will be a two story connector between Emory-Wooley and
Morris-Champlin which includes lounge space as well as grad student space, fitness
space and a vending area
-Increase of space in vw from 300 to 425, expand hours of dining and have three
sections which can be closed off at separate times
-include a recycling/trash room, kitchen, laundry room and lounge area on each floor New Business -All students in doubles turned triples will be out by the end of the week!
-Vice President Montero will be at the meeting next tuesday at 12noon to discuss the
-Discussed questions to ask VP Montero

Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm

Next meeting -Tuesday October 3, 2000 at 12noon.

Submitted by Alissa Levine, Residential Council Secretary, '00-'01