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Residential Council Minutes :: February 27, 2001

Present: Steve Baker, Michael Blitstein, Samuel Gorstein, James Katz, Sanders Kleinfeld, Jennifer Kraemer, Ross Lipsky, Andrew Lom, Casey Marks, Leah Scherzer, Mario Sturla, Avital Wenger, Charles Williamson, Andrew Dupuy, Andrew Golodny

Absent: None :)

1. Committee Reports
a. Lottery - Dorm Tours on Sunday: 1:00PM - Young O (Sanders),
2:00PM - Vartan Gregorian Quad (Leah), 3:00PM - Barbour Hall (Andrew D.)
Tableslipping for Dorm Tours Fri and Sat, Lunch and Dinner
First Lottery Round - Wed March 7

2. New Business
a. Motion to reinstate Delta Tau as a class A program house - passed (Vote: 10-1-1)
b. Motion to reconsider Games House for institution as a class A program house - passed
c. presentation and Q&A session from Games House members
d. Motion to institute Games house as a class A program house - passed
(Vote: 10-1-1)

3. Next meeting - Tues, March 6 in South Wayland Lounge

Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm.

Submitted by Sanders Kleinfeld, Residential Council Secretary 2001