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Residential Council Minutes :: March 13, 2001

Present: Steve Baker, Michael Blitstein, Samuel Gorstein, Sanders Kleinfeld, Jennifer Kraemer, Ross Lipsky, Andrew Lom, Leah Scherzer, Mario Sturla, Charles Williamson, Andrew Golodny

Absent: James Katz, Casey Marks, Avital Wenger, Andrew Dupuy

1. Committee Reports
a. Lottery - Second Segment of the Lottery on 3/14, Special Interest Housing will not be at all affected by the University's smoking ban
b. Policy - More meetings on Emery-Wooley Morris-Champlin renovations, Contact Leah for more info
c. Program House - nothing to report

2. New Business
a. Brief Discussion on Res. Life's decision to ban smoking in all dorms next year. Concern over negative student feedback on Heraldsphere. No motion to reconsider Res. Council's decision.
b. Motion to move Bottega to Olney House in AEPi's former location and give them preferred access to the end lounge and all basement social rooms (Vote: 9-0-0)
c. Motion to move Haven to Sears House and place Games House in Marcy in Haven's former location (Vote: 8-1-0)
d. Motion to retain Alpha Chi Omega's status as a mixture of Class B and Class C, in which they must share their kitchen with independents living in Sears, but retain exclusive access to their library and other basement social rooms.
e. Discussion on possibly dissolving or moving (or both) East Asian House, upon discovering their membership after rush is only 9 members, one less than the required minimum membership for all program houses. Decision to postpone decision until hearing from East Asian house later this week, most likely Thursday at noon. Andrew will send out an e-mail tonight specifying when the meeting will take place.
f. Brief discussion on Res. Life's policy regarding lofting beds in dorm rooms. Discussion to continue next week.

3. Next meeting - Thursday March 15 at noon (probably) in South Wayland Lounge
Next (regular) meeting - Tuesday March 20 at noon in South Wayland Lounge

Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm.

Submitted by Sanders Kleinfeld, Residential Council Secretary 2001