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Residential Council Minutes :: April 24, 2001

Present: Steve Baker, Michael Blitstein, Samuel Gorstein, James Katz, Sanders Kleinfeld, Jennifer Kraemer, Ross Lipsky, Andrew Lom, Casey Marks, Leah Scherzer, Mario Sturla, Charles Williamson, Andrew Golodny

Absent: Avital Wenger, Andrew Dupuy

1. Committee Reports
a. Lottery - Still over
b. Policy - Final decision has been made re: fabrics, Mo-Champ renovations to start this summer!
c. Program House - Social Dorm elections are still being organized. The following people must write letters to their program houses and get them to Casey (if they have not already): Ross, Sam, Jen, James

2. New Business
a. Spring Review/Delta Phi Discussion - Res Council decided that there are two options regarding Delta Phi for next year: revoke their housing, or institute a strict probation in which they would lose their social rooms, only retain preferred access to their lounge, be required to meet with a dean on a weekly basis to ensure that they behave appropriately, and any further violation of Residential policy will result in a revocation of housing. Discussion on both sides of the issue, mainly centering on the fact that Res. Life has already convicted Delta Phi of hazing, as of Mar. 12. Questions posed as to whether hazing should automatically lead to disbandment of a program house, whether there can be a distinction made between mild/severe hazing that might merit giving Delta Phi another chance, and whether Delta Phi's long history and strong alumni base are sufficient reasons to allow them to remain on campus. Argument made that allowing Delta Phi to remain on campus would allow Res. Council and Res. Life to maintain control over house activities, which they would not be able to do if DPhi moved off campus. Question posed as to whether Delta Phi truly has any positive effect upon members of the Brown community, and whether allowing them to remain in existence as a house is an example of exercising selective enforcement of the program house guidelines, since other houses have been disbanded this year for simply failing to meet numbers requirements. Two motions made:

Motion 1: To revoke Delta Phi's housing (Vote: 5-4-2)
Motion fails to meet 2/3 majority
Motion 2: To impose probation on Delta Phi as follows: Delta Phi loses access to all basement social rooms and retains only preferred access to their lounge, is required to meet weekly with a dean to discuss how the house can be reformed to reflect Res. Life's policies toward program houses, and any further violation of Res. Life policy or probation is cause for immediate revocation of housing. (Vote: 8-0-4)
Motion passes, with 2/3 majority

3. Next (Final) meeting - Tuesday May 1 at noon in South Wayland Lounge

Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm.

Submitted by Sanders Kleinfeld, Residential Council Secretary 2001