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Residential Council Minutes :: September 25, 2001

Present: Jesse Goodman, Sanders Kleinfeld, Mario Sturla, Joshua Troy, Evan Metcalfe, Andy Golodny, Mike Blitstein, Alissa Levine, Leah Scherzer, Andrew Lom, Chad Farrell, Ari Adland, Susan Harrison, Charles Williamson

Absent: James Katz

Committee Reports:
a. lottery - will have meeting soon to set date for Super Deadline Day
b. program house - social dorm elections went well
c. policy - change bylaws (Tuesday meetings instead of Thursday, etc.)
New Business:
a. Representative from BACH attended meeting to explain how its recruitment has been set up. In the past BACH has tried to do their internal lottery before the University lottery, but this has been complicated by the fact that there's a waiting list. Res. Council asked BACH if their lottery could be done to coincide with Super Deadline Day in such a way that a preliminary list of BACH members living in the houses could be submitted by then, and if vacant spots in the house could be filled from their waitlist after the lottery has concluded. BACH representative will bring this up at the Board of Directors meeting and report back to ResCouncil
b. RC, MPC, WPC deadlines conflicting with program house deadlines - Last year, the deadline to accept the position of peer counselor was approximately two weeks earlier than Super Deadline Day. Since program houses often don't give out their bids until close to SDD., many freshman interested in both being a peer counselor and being a member of a program house, were forced to decide whether or not to be a counselor without knowing whether or not they would be accepted into their program house of choice. This made recruiting more difficult for program houses and made the decision making process for these freshman much more difficult and stressful.
Suggestion made to coordinate SDD with the Office of Student Life to make sure it coincides as closely as possible with peer counselor deadlines.
c. $50 fee for program houses for all registered parties in their lounge - further discussion on what it is used for (still a little unclear). Originally charge was instituted to both level the playing field between program houses and to hire a grad student to help program Wriston events. Discussion over whether it's unfair to have a $50 fee when program houses are held to a higher standard than other student groups and are required to have 2 social events a semester, thus being required to pay a $100 fee, which may be a financial burden on many houses. Andrew to discuss things further with Dean Inman.
d. Liability Issues - reminder of the fact that officers of program houses are still separately liable for problems that may arise for events occurring within the house, even if prog. house itself has liability insurance. University is considering making it mandatory for all frats and sororities to purchase their own liability insurance, but not other program houses. Concerned by double standard.
e. Campus Perception/Misrepresentation of Fraternities - brought to the attention of ResCouncil that untrue accusations regarding date rape at Sigma Chi were made on the Daily Jolt last weekend, and that Phi Psi is unhappy with the way posts on the Jolt regarding the frat were reprinted in a story regarding Daily Jolt culture in Friday's BDH.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:50 PM

Submitted by Sanders Kleinfeld, Residential Council Secretary Du Jour