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Residential Council Minutes :: October 2, 2001

Present: Jesse Goodman, Sanders Kleinfeld, Mario Sturla, Joshua Troy, Evan Metcalfe (left early), James Katz, Andy Golodny, Mike Blitstein, Alissa Levine, Leah Scherzer, Andrew Lom, Chad Farrell, Ari Adland, Susan Harrison, Charles Williamson

Absent: None

Meeting convened outside on lawn next to Diman House at 12:05.

1. Alpha Chi Omega Kitchen:
       A representative from Alpha Chi Omega (ACO) came to present reasons why they should regain exclusive access to their kitchen. Numerous incidents of theft of food, pots and utensils was mentioned. Also, ACO has increased their numbers to 18 living in house this year, with 8 off meal plan.
       Resolution passed unanimously to give ACO exclusive access to their kitchen.

2. Deadline for RC, MPC and WPC programs:
       Chad read a statement giving the background information of the RC, MPC and WPC programs, and giving detailed reasons why the deadline should be changed to Super Deadline Day. The principal reason was that in the past many first-years have been put in a dilemma, since they were forced to decide whether to join the RC program before they knew if they had been invited to join a Program House.
       Resolution: "Residential Council recommends to the Office of Student Life that they move their annual deadline for joining their Residential Counselor, Minority Peer Counselor and Woman Peer Counselor programs to Super Deadline Day, as defined by the Office of Residential Life," passed unanimously.
       Liz Cho, Community Director for Lower Wriston, will bring this issue up at the next CD meeting.

3. Bylaws changes:
       Motion made to change Res. Council by-laws to reflect that we meet on Tuesdays, not Thursdays. Automatically tabled until next meeting. Also, discussion on whether by-laws should be amended to allow alternates to vote if a quorum of regular members is not present. Andrew will discuss this matter with UCS.

4. $50 Lounge use fee:
       After more discussion, a resolution was passed 7-3-1 (with 1 absent) to recommend to the Student Activities Office that they eliminate the $50 lounge use fee they charge to Program Houses when they have an event in their lounge where they charge admission.

5. Card access issues:
       Discussion on whether all residents of Wriston Quad should have access to all Wriston dorms. Also discussion on whether to make New Pembroke #3 and #4 accessible to residents of either building, and whether to make all Young Orchard Apartments accessible to all Young O residents. Discussion will continue next week.

Next week:
Vote on by-laws amendment
Continue discussion on card access
Program house liaisons will be assigned
A date will be set for Fall Review

Meeting adjourned at 12:55pm

Submitted by Chad Farrell, acting secretary.