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Residential Council Minutes :: October 9, 2001

Present: Jesse Goodman, Sanders Kleinfeld, Mario Sturla, Joshua Troy, Evan Metcalfe, James Katz, Andy Golodny, Mike Blitstein, Alissa Levine, Leah Scherzer, Andrew Lom, Chad Farrell, Ari Adland, Susan Harrison,

Absent: Charles Williamson, Brookes Brown
(Sorry guys if I was wrong on anyone who was present or absent...I'm still learning names!)

Dates are comparatively similar to last year (see Calendar that Dean Desrochers passed out for more specifics). Due to rush period, these dates cannot be made much earlier. APPROVED by Council.
Liz Cho, CD for Lower Wriston presented the notion to Student Life of moving the Counselor decision deadline to coincide with that of super deadline day (March 28th). They are currently considering the option and will get back to us.
Substance Free Housing Location Move:

Substance free housing is currently in Hegeman E. It is thought that many students choose the substance free option b/c it means a chance at good housing, rather than b/c they really are substance free. We proposed the option of moving the location of the substance free housing from Hegeman E (currently 21 beds) to Pembroke 2 (25 beds). PASSED 10-0-0. (Think about whether a change in the substance free housing contract should occur. Currently it only states the fact that alcohol should not be consumed. Shall we add that it also cannot be possessed?)
Coed Suites:
We resurrected the 1999 proposal for coed suites (with changes to be made, of course). The trial period for this option would mean that the OPTION of coed (meaning it could also be taken as all male or all female) would be given to all Wriston suites as well as one building of Gregorian Quad and possibly the Emery-Wooley suites. Process for filling vacancies as follows: First, remaining members have a deadline to fill space; next: res life fills space with someone who has checked the "would not mind living in coed housing" box, and with this, that person has right of refusal. SENT TO POLICY COMMITTEE FOR CHANGES/FURTHER DISCUSSION. ISSUE WILL RETURN!
Bylaw Amendments:
Res Council now 'officially' meets on Tuesdays. The section on program house reviews now reads that they "will happen in accordance w/program house guidelines" (rather than specifying in the by-laws). APPROVED 10-0-0.
Card access issues:
Briefly returned to -- cluster access given to Young Orchard; Pembroke 3&4, and Grad Center? When do we want to make this recommendation? WILL RETURN TO THIS DISCUSSION IN TWO WEEKS.
Next week Dean Jablonski will be in attendance at our meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 12:55pm
Submitted by Alissa Levine, Residential Council Secretary, Fall '00 & 9 October '01.