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Residential Council Minutes :: October 16, 2001

Present: Evan Metcalfe, Ari Adland, Andy Golodny, Jesse Goodman, Andrew Lom, Sanders Kleinfeld, Chad Farrell, Mario Sturla, James Katz, Mike Blitstein, Josh Troy, Charles Williamson

Absent: Leah Scherzer, Alissa Levine

Dean Jablonski met with the council to discuss her role, the council's role, and general issues of student life.
I. Introduction: Dean Jablonski explain her role in the office of student life and asked for suggestions about how to improve student life. Andrew reviewed for her the council's activities so far this semester.
II. Suggestions/Comments Made:
i) Foster diversity and pluralism among residential halls and program houses
ii) In terms of alcohol and student social events there is interest in balancing liability versus fun more towards having fun. Council expressed interest in meeting with BUPS colonel to talk about police role in social life and the feasibility of cluster card access
iii) Council expressed general dislike of residential clusters model. Dean Jablonski is in favor of such a model. Everyone agreed that students should have an active role in developing and piloting such a program. Dean Jablonski says she plans to move forward in addressing the needs of upper-class students living on-campus.

Dean Jablonski plans to return in December to follow up.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Harrison, Secretary