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Residential Council Minutes :: November 20, 2001

Present: Alissa Levine, Andrew Lom, Michael Blitstein, Andrew Golodny, Sanders Kleinfeld, Evan Metcalfe, Jesse Goodman, Chad Farrell, James Katz, Liz Cho, Meredith Eddy, Mary Greineder, Thomas Forsberg, Donald Desrochers

Lottery Committee Reports: Social Dorms
-Harkness will be the only social dorm in the lottery this year. It will be in round II.
-Diman will be sophomore only. It will be in round V.
Voted on and passed 8-0-1
-Social dorms will have elections and dues collection in spring
-On-going conversation about RPs' role in social dorms. Can RPs make the dorms more social?

Fall Review:
Spanish house came in for fall review. It has met the requirements and received a 2.
Theta: 1
Phi Psi: 3 because it needs a faculty advisor. Otherwise has done a good job.
Sigma Chi: 1
St. Anthony's Hall: 2
Tech House: 2
Thete: 3 because it has no faculty advisor
West House: 2
Zete: 1

Some discussion about changing evaluation system because the current numbering system allows for a lot of leeway.

Police colonel will come in next week.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50

Respectfully submitted by Susan Harrison, Secretary.