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Residential Council Minutes :: Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Present: Andrew Lom, Michael Blitstein, Andrew Golodny, Sanders Kleinfeld, Evan Metcalfe, Leah Scherzer, Jesse Goodman, Alissa Levine, Chad Farrell, Joshua Troy, Mario Sturla, Ari Adland

Welcome Back!

Dean Jablonski present for discussion of new programs in Emery-Woolley and

Jablonski proposed a pilot program for the academic year 2002-2003 in the above dorms. The committee that is organizing the program consists of representatives from the WPC, MPC, RC, IPC and CD programs, the UCS, the Office of the Dean of the College, Faculty Fellows, and Deans of Student Life. The dorms will have residentially based academic programs, be multicultural, and will include students from all four years. The programs will center on the themes of wellness and community service. Residents will be 64 percent first-years and 36 percent upperclassmen. There will be
19 student staffers to provide counseling, academic resources and other programming. These staffers will replace the current first-year counseling program in these dorms. The staffers will also expand their duties to include working with the upperclassmen living in these dorms. There will be no mandatory participation. First-years will be assigned to the dorms based on the first-year housing questionnaire, which they complete prior to arriving at Brown.

The programs will have their own governing body called the "Cluster Council" and a student-run disciplinary system to replace most dean's hearings. Dean Jablonski would like Residential Council's input on how to organize the "Cluster Council" and the disciplinary system. They would also like our advice on hiring a new Associate Dean of Student Life and an Assistant Dean of Student Life.

Residential Council expressed its concern about the program for several reasons. Members noted that in the last two years, program houses based on the themes of wellness and community service were unsuccessful and were disbanded by Residential Council. Members also felt that the program would not provide first-years with the diversity provided in the current first-year units. Members felt that the pilot program was not adequately planned to begin in September of this year, and that it would be too difficult to explain the program to the affected parties at such a late date.

Sanders discussed the lottery and information sessions.

Meeting adjourned 12:50 pm.

Next meeting Tuesday, February 5 in South Wayland Lounge: We will discuss the pilot program, and the application of Delta Tau as a new program house.

Submitted by Chad Farrell, Acting Secretary