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Residential Council Minutes :: February 14, 2002

Present: Michael Blitstein, Evan Metcalfe, Josh Troy, Leah Scherzer, Jesse Goodman, Sanders Kleinfeld, Andrew Golodny

Absent: Andrew Lom, Alissa Levine, Chad Farrell, Ari Adland, Mario Sturla, Jonathan Halperin

I tried to make these minutes fairly detailed, as many people were not present.

Multicultural House
Due to controversy regarding the motivations behind the formation of Multicultural House and much conflict among its founders, the "charter" members of Multicultural House as well as well as all residents of Plantations House were invited to attend today's special meeting to clear things up. The following people were present:

* Crystal D. Prior, Sonia S. Aneja, & Michael M. - charter members of Multicultural House
* John Orenkunrin - claims to be charter member of Multicultural house, though he was intentionally left out of the mission statement.
* Michael Lucero - current resident of Plantations House, friends with charter members of Multicultural House
* Two rising sophomores interested in living in Plantations House as a sophomore-only cluster next year, if it is offered in the lottery.

Disputes have arisen because the charter members of Multicultural House have basically split up into two factions. Faction 1 includes Crystal, Sonia, and charter member Tahirah Dosani. Faction 2 includes Michael M. and John.

Crystal and Sonia's stance:
Crystal and Sonia claim that Michael M. and John have failed to fulfill their responsibility as charter members: did not show up at meetings, make up house applications, etc
- They claim M.M. added J.O's name to mission statement without their permission and were going to attempt to submit that copy to Residential Council
- They claim that M.M. and J.O. refused to accept voting procedure set forth in constitution, preventing them from electing Tahira president and forcing them to agree to elect Crystal Prior as interim president of MC House.
- They claim that they have many prospective students interested in living in MC house, as well as 2 applications already completed.
- However, C.P. and S.A. claim that they cannot start MC House with J.O. and M.M., and as such, they are kicking both of them out of the program house, even though M.M. is a charter member. They would like MC House to remain as an established program house next year in Plantations House

Michael M and John's Stance:
- Michael M. and John claim that they could not do any of the work in establishing MC House, because C.P and S.A went behind their backs to do everything, and did not let them do anything. Additionally, John was in the hospital at the time the constitution was being drafted.
- They claim that C.P. and S.A. are not committed to the ideals of multiculturalism for a program house, but are simply forming the house to remain in Plantations House in "exquisite housing," notably the spacious singles on the third floor of the house.
- John claims that he deserves to be a part of MC House, as well as a charter member, because he also helped develop the idea for the house, which he was thinking of calling "Diversity House"
- They also claim that C.P. and S.A. lied when they said that they consulted with all the residents of Plantations House to inform them that they were forming MC House and to see if they would be interested in joining; this was confirmed by Michael Lucero
Additional Fun Facts:
- Current "Interim President of MC House" Crystal is going abroad for all of next year. Though it is unclear of the duties that being a "charter member" requires, Crystal would clearly not be able to fulfill them next year. C.P. and S.A. claim that C.P did not know she would be going abroad when she was made a charter member; M.M. and J.O. claim she did.
- Michael Lucero claims that C.P. and S.A. exploited him and others by listing his and others' ethnicities/nationalities in the MC House mission statement, without him being on board with the program house or being consulted.
- C.P. and S.A. admitted to the recruitment of new members by promising them that they would be living in Plantations House next year. C.P. and S.A. claim that it is integral and extremely important that they live in MC House next year to fulfill their goals as a program house, even though ResCouncil pointed out that this location would potentially limit the draw to the events they would hold as a house, and more importantly, cap their membership at 16 people
- The two rising sophomores present feel that the conflict in leadership of MC House, as well as the seemingly primary motive of retainment of this year's housing should be reason not to give MC House Plantations house next year. They feel a new set of rising sophomores should be given the chance to get the house off the lottery.

- C.P. and S.A. were told that in order to kick M.M. out of MC House, they would have to dissolve MC House, as M.M. is on their mission statement as a charter member. In doing so, they would nullify all decisions ResCouncil had made regarding the approval and placement of the program house. If they wish to be considered as a program house for next year, they would have to submit a new mission statement and constitution immediately, to be considered from scratch as a program house
- C.P. and S.A. agreed to dissolve MC House. They said they would write up a new mission statement without M.M.'s name, and rewrite part of the constitution, both of which would be submitted to ResCouncil this afternoon.

Josh Troy motioned to end discussion.

Delta Tau
D-Tau President Roy Cho returned to clarify D-Tau's activities over the past semester. They just ran a successful (though sparsely attended) info session/educational program on Delta Tau and Police and Security. Roy says that when he met with Desrochers in December, he was in general fairly pleased with D-Tau's actions this semester. Roy feels that allowing D-Tau back on campus next semester would enable them to more easily hold social events and other programs. He also feels that the attitudes of D-Tau members seem to reflect that they have reformed greatly from previous years and that moving back on campus would mean a lot to them.

Votes on D-Tau, and possibly the new Multicultural House will take place next week

Next meeting - Thurs, Feb. 21 at 12:00PM in South Wayland Lounge
Meeting adjourned at 12:55pm.

Submitted by Sanders Kleinfeld, Residential Council Secretary du jour.

Updated 12-03-2007 by Brendan Hargreaves (identifying information removed per request).