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Residential Council Minutes :: February 26, 2002

Present: Everyone but Mike (I'm pretty sure)

What a nice day for a South Wayland patio meeting!

Lottery-Related things
Lip-synch contest was a success! We talked about creating a time limit for entries and a no throwing/squirting ketchup at the judges rule in the future

Lottery info session tonight at 10 chez prof. Suggs. Andrew and Leah volunteered to do this for Sanders because he will be serving food from India (and because they're totally awesome seniors that have done so much for Res Council).

Dorm tours this Sunday. Alissa will have one for Young O at 1:00, I (Evan) will lead the New Dorm tour at 2:00 and our illustrious lottery chair Sanders will run amuck in Barbour at 3:00. Dean Desrochers said he'd be so nice as to activate our Brown Cards for that afternoon as not to erase their magnetic stripes.

We talked a little bit about Plantations house. Now that the craziness that was Multicultural house is no more, most people thought it was a good idea to make sure sophomores know they can apply for it, but the deadline should stay the same.

We considered the possibility of not having printed Grapevines next year and just have everyone read the Grapefruit (uh hum .. I mean Grapevine) online instead.

Other schtuff
After a long prolonged silence, I "volunteered" to be the secretary. Grumble grumble grumble.

In future meetings this semester, we need to hold spring reviews for some
program houses and talk about what to do about Res Life's storage/furniture

Next Meeting - Next Tuesday, same time, same place

Meeting adjourned around 12:30ish

Submitted by Evan Metcalfe, Secretary until someone else volunteers. Like that will ever happen.