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Residential Council Minutes :: March 12, 2002

Present: Everyone but Andy

Lottery stuff:
We made arrangements for the special interest housing lottery segment on Wednesday. Singles and doubles not taken by Tech House are to be in the round, as are singles and doubles in New Pembroke #1 (quiet dorm) and #2 (substance-free dorm). As of now, the last segment is scheduled to be in lower Salomon (bad!) Sanders and Dean Desrochers will be looking into when it can be rescheduled or moved as not to be a chaotic mess. Also, Sanders, Leah and I will be giving dorm tours of Hegeman, New Dorm, Slater, and the GC for people interested in those dorms this Sunday at 1 PM leaving from Soldiers Arch.

The Social Dorm
We decided that despite increased numbers in Tech House, one kitchen in Harkness would remain keyed for T.H. members, 1 would be keyed only for social dorm residents, and one would be accessible by anyone in the dorm. We also talked a little bit about how to get people to pay dues for social dorm, possibly by collecting them well in advance of next fall. The problem raised with this is where to stash the dues over the summer. Possible options include hiding it somewhere in the Res Life office, as well as a lockbox. Mike and Sanders will look into this and revise the contract as to
force S.D. residents to pay a $20 deposit on their dues this semester or be liable to have their housing taken away and be put on the summer waitlist.

Other program house business
We decided informally that Delta Tau should be placed in Sears House if approved by the powers that be in the administration. Also, we discussed possible options for when to hold Spring Review, including during Tuesday meetings and Thursday between noon and one o'clock. Bottega, Games House, Harambee, as well as three others (I believe) will be coming back for a spring review.

The meeting was adjourned around 12:50ish as usual

Submitted by Evan Metcalfe, Res Council Secretary of the month