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Residential Council Minutes :: April 9, 2002

All members were present

Appointments for next year:
Tali came to our meeting today to explain the goof up about not getting ResCouncil listed in the email of committees looking for new members. Presumably the application deadline for Res Council will be extended past Wednesday the 10th at 5 PM, but Tali said that it was not up to her to do this. To reapply, answer the following questions and send them to Student_Appoinments@brown.edu. Also, please encourage anyone else you know who would be interested to apply as well.

What ideas, experiences, and insights can you bring to the committee?
What are the goals, both short and long-term, you intend to achieve through
your committee membership?
How do you view your role as a student member on your committee?

Lottery Stuff
The fifth and final segment is Wednesday night, 6 PM in Salomon 101. Sanders reminds you to please come to the shift you signed up for because he
will probably need all the help he can get!

News from Dean Jablonski
Dean Jablonski mentioned that the cluster model is still under review and won't be ready for our input until the fall semester. We then talked about UDC reform and the idea of a peer judicial board to hear most cases that would warrant a dean's hearing. Res council members informally made the following recommendations:

Instead of trying to make the students on each panel of 3-5 represent a different dorm on campus or something like that, just have one large pool of interested applicants form the panels.

Make sure that the students who serve on the judicial board are as consistent as possible with their punishments so that the system can be perceived as fair. At the same time, however, make sure that these students are given a chance to review and recommend changes to the current norm for how infractions are dealt with currently.

For cases where members of a program house violate rules, keep the individual discipline process (with the peer judicial board) separate from Res Council decisions on whether to sanction or disband a house, but make sure that the two will communicate and work together to respond to violations.

Delta Tau
Delta Tau has been approved to come back on campus by the powers that be in the administration. They will live on the 3rd floor of Sears above Alpha Chi Omega in 5 doubles and 7 singles (17 members total).

Res Life is going to close 5 storage rooms because of frequent complaints as of the end of this semester: Perkins, Littlefield, Marcy, Caswell, and New Pembroke #3. There will be a new high security storage room in MoChamp to replace the one in Emery-Wooley which won't be available while it's being renovated. Dean Forsberg is still looking into other options for how the University should handle storage in the future.The meeting was adjourned at 12:50

Submitted by Evan Metcalfe, Res Council Acting Secretary