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Residential Council Minutes :: September 17, 2002

New Business:

The meeting will be held outside today (9/17). Evan raised a point about fair-skinned people not coping well with the sun.

Social Dorm elections were held recently. All positions were uncontested. About 15 out of 80 people came, so it could have been worse. Generally people like the social dorm idea and have paid dues. Mike will have a budget meeting with the new social dorm officers sometime soon to set up their SAO account etc.

The sophomore lottery survey will go out soon. Evan will fool around with it to give the lottery a more positive spin. We’ll wait for results before deciding to follow up via email or other means. Steve thinks that we should use more better grammar and punctuation in the survey.

Handicap Access is not going to happen in the basement of Wriston buildings where there are rooms below the stairs that are below the lift. (It’s not an elevator, it’s a lift.)

Minden has kitchen improvements in the works. Convection ovens will hopefully be installed soon, but never will there be stoves. Alas. And the installation of doors in walk through suites is prohibited. A reminder: services provided must be uniform for all residents.

Steve and Jeb are on the lottery committee, and Brookes is on the policy committee.

Next week Mike will make the program house assignments, and I will write down who was at the meeting so that I can put it in the minutes.

Submitted by Jay Elliott (Jeb) Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003