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Residential Council Minutes :: September 21, 2002

Attendance: James Katz, Jeb Berman, Josh Troy, Sanders Kleinfeld, Mike Blitstein, Andy Golodny, Brookes Brown, Steve Baker, Evan Metcalfe, Chris Guhin, Jesse Goodman, Eddie Kirschenbaum

New Business:

Program House Liaisons:

Eddie: AEPi, Harambee
Jeb: Bottega, Buxton
Jesse: French, Phi Psi
Josh: ADPhi, St. Anthony Hall
Andy: Zete, West House
Mike: DPhi, DTau
Chris: Games, Harkness
Matt: AXO
Steve: Theta
Brookes: Tech House
James: Thete, Sigma Chi

Don't forget to email the heads of your program house(s) and let them know who you are.

2. Social Dorm cash acct. still needs to be set up.

3. ResCouncil Committees:
Policy - Jesse, Eddie, James, Brookes
Lottery - Evan, Chris, Jeb
Program House - Mike, Josh, Andy, Steve

Tentative date for Fall Review is Thursday, November 7th.

The Sophomore Housing Survey went out; the deadline is 10/3.

Universal Card Access

for everyone or just for freshmen?
accountabiliity for damage to common areas?
what does the po-po have to say?
time-based (locked after quiet hours)?
what's the goal?

7. E-mail any committee documents to Jeb, so that communication is centralized and easy to keep track of.

Submitted by Jay Elliott (Jeb) Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003