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Residential Council Minutes :: October 29, 2002

Attendance: Sanders, Eddie, Chris, Mike, Jesse, Evan, Jeb, Josh, Matt

New Business:

The date for Fall Review has not changed; it’s still Nov. 7th, from 5-8pm, in S. Wayland Lounge. If you haven’t let your program house heads know about Fall Review, do so ASAP.

Addition of Card Access Clusters (all approved by vote)

Hope & Littlefield (8-0-0)
Young Orchard & Barbour (6-1-1)
Slater, Hegeman & Caswell (7-1-0)
Grad Center & New Dorm (6-1-1)

Substance Free Dorm

Signup/application process prior to lottery?
Talk to Dean Donovan, invite him to a meeting

Discussion of online-only Grapevine.

Submitted by Jay Elliott (Jeb) Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003