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Residential Council Minutes :: November 26, 2002

New Business:

Remove substance free housing from the lottery. Housing in substance free will be given out according to a sign-up process. (7-0-0)

Substance free housing should be in New Pembroke 2, unless demand exceeds or is far less than supply. (6-1-0)

Social Dorm is no more. Make non-TechHouse Harkness sophomore only. (6-1-0)

Eliminate the Special Interest Segment (Seg. II). Move Quiet Dorm housing to the last segment. The last segment will still be known as segment V, even though in reality it is only segment IV. (6-1-0)

Eliminate squatting in all suites, including Grad Center.

Winter break housing issues will be discussed later. (7-0-0)

Submitted by Jay Elliott (Jeb) Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003