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Residential Council Minutes :: January 28, 2003

Attendance: Sanders, Jeb, Evan, Chris, Steve, Brookes, Josh, Andy, Eddie, Jesse and Mike

New Business:

We met with Dean Tameo, Acting Director of Residential Life. She’s going to fix the budget.

We ought to put substance-free and quiet dorm contracts in the Grapevine, so people know what they’re getting into.

A motion was passed (7-2-1) to move winter housing from Grad Center to Keeney.

Dorm tours will happen the Sunday preceding a lottery segment.

Lottery segments will start at 5, not 4, and will likely be held in MacMillan 117 because Ruth is using Salomon.

Apparently, there is a small problem with mice in the dorms. It seems as though everyone thinks that this is heinous, and should be immediately resolved. Especially me, since my roommate saw a mouse in my room the other day.

Brookes wants the heating to be fixed the moment a problem occurs, to prevent the repeated melting and thawing of students.

I meant to do the new website over break, but I didn’t finish it. So it will remain, as always, something to look forward to in the future. With the 2-ply.

Submitted by Jay Elliott (Jeb) Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003