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Residential Council Minutes :: February 20, 2003

New Business:

The main issue discussed today was a proposal demanding an increase of co-ed housing, making all suites in Grad Center, Wriston Quad, Young Orchard, Barbour, Vartan Gregorian Quad, and Morriss-Champlin have the option of being selected by coed groups in the Spring 2004 lottery. It passed (8-0-2).

Concerns included ResCouncil’s involvement in a political issue, but we were reminded that this particular political issue is certainly related to the residential life of students, and is therefore in our arena. We discussed the value of being confrontational with Dean Jablonski, and also the wisdom of accusing the University of being outright heterosexist. It seems that a successful attempt to change Brown’s policy must include mention of the discomfort of LGBT and non-LGBT students in various living situations, and also a reiteration of the student choice argument that has been used, albeit unsuccessfully, in the past.

Additionally, in program house reviews
1. Alpha Chi Omega - consensus to give them a 90
2. Sigma Chi - consensus to give them a 90
3. Tech House - consensus to give them a 100

Accompanying all three scores for these houses is an official ResCouncil
reprimand for not showing up at Fall Review, or the three sessions following
Fall Review for houses that did not show up at Fall Review.

Thanks to Sanders and Golodny for taking the rest of the minutes for me.

Submitted by Jay Elliott (Jeb) Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003