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Residential Council Minutes :: March 4, 2003


New Business:
Support for transfer students in the lottery is lacking. We provide advising options for freshmen, but are transfers left out of the loop?
Program Houses (based on current in-house numbers)
  • Delta Tau is small, but that is allowable given that they’ve had one year on campus and some complications with the wrestling coach
  • Zete is small enough to consider letting independents use their kitchen
  • Games house recruited like a mo-fo, so their numbers look good for next year
  • Harambee is falling apart. There is no continuity of membership, and recruiting was not so great.
  • King house is filling less than 2/3 of their residential unit. Since they have an actual house, this is a big concern. Do we move them, disband them, change their status?
  • Harambee and King house will be discussed on 3/11.
Due to concerns about the size of first-year program houses and the slim likelihood of self-perpetuation without a well-defined and integrated infrastructure, first year houses will be restricted to 25 members, perhaps with a recommendation that they be even smaller. It’s better to start small and then grow than to start big and die. (9-0-0)
As a side note, the "Spacing" Subcommittee has begun to meet. More about this on Tuesday.
Submitted by Jay Elliott (Jeb) Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003