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Residential Council Minutes :: March 11, 2003

New Business:

Segment 4 of the lottery has been moved to Sayles instead of MM117, due to the size of this segment.

Single sex housing. This issue needs to be examined for a few reasons, among them cultural or religious necessity and personal preference. Since requests for single sex housing have been few and far between, for this year ResLife will take requests before the lottery, assign rooms in a self contained area (like 4th flr. Metcalf), and then offer the rest of the floor as single sex in the lottery. (11-0-0) Single sex housing is an issue being looked at by the S4 committee.

Program House numbers. King and Harambee houses were granted extensions by ResLife; they now show 21 and 23 members, respectively. These numbers seem alright for now, except that Harambee now fails to meet the 1/3 returning members requirement. Both houses will be brought in for Spring Review. Spring Review will be the 17th of April, a Thursday.

Room allocations for Program Houses. An idea was floated to allocate doubles to program houses before February. It would create equity among houses by giving them equal numbers of doubles from the outset, and allow members to realistically estimate the number of available singles for the next year. The point was raised that February negotiations work fine, and concrete differences between the new and current plans were questioned. We will look at floor plans next week and discuss.

Due to poor attendance, it is recommended that Matt Ivester be let go from ResCouncil, that he be replaced by alternate Pam Dubyak, and that UCS nominate a new alternate member. (6-1-4)

If you are going to miss a meeting, I have to excuse you first, so y’all better have good reasons. If you accumulate 2 unexcused absences, you are subject to removal from ResCouncil.

Submitted by Jay Elliott (Jeb) Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003