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Residential Council Minutes :: April 1, 2003

Present: Evan, Mike, Chris, Steve, Andy, Anoop, Pam, Brooks, Josh, Eddie, and Jesse

Program House:

Seven houses need to come for Fall Review: Art House, Interfaith House, Delta Phi, Thete, Sigma Chi, Alpha Chi, Harambee, and St. Anthony’s. Tech House will not be brought back because it was Mike’s fault. Zete will not be brought back because they are aware of their numerical issues and Mike will just talk to them about that; also, as to the issue of opening the kitchen up to independents, it seems like it is not a major issue. Spring Review will be held on April 17.


It is over and it went smoothly with the online thing working well. One double in quiet dorm was left over. Issues to perhaps address later: squatting, sophomore-only housing, and preventing people going abroad from entering the lottery.

Dean Forsberg:

Hiring: two positions are opening in Residential Life, and, through Sanders, Residential Council members are being invited to serve on the selection committees. This will take from 3-5 hours a week (or perhaps more getting closer to selection), looking at resumes and discussing. One of the two search committees may extend into the summer. Talk to Sanders if you are interested.


All storage managed by the university will be eliminated, partially due to the Station fire. Currently, program house storage is unaffected. Off-campus alternatives are being looked at, but none of it will be free. Labor for storage has been $40,000, plus, while liability has been denied, whenever a pipe bursts, the university either has a PR nightmare or pays even more, also it is quite difficult to find people willing to work seven days a week for three weeks: most of the people who we can get are seventy plus or not so much trustworthy: we have oft gotten by on injured Brown employees on late duty, but that is not something on which you can count. Moreover, we do not know what is stored, and if combustibles are, then the rooms could blow up in the summer, endangering summer programs living in the residence halls. As of now (and this is quite unlikely to change), the number of rooms available for storage will be decreased, but storage will still be available for this summer. As of now, we will try to arrange for a company (or companies) that are checked out by the university to be legit to operate on campus. Currently, between six and ten thousand boxes are stored on campus. The issue of looking into companies with which they can contract may be examined. The university will likely allow some companies on campuses to be checked, and perhaps send freshmen to the Better Business Bureau for further information. The issue of students on financial aid will be brought to the Financial Aid office to address it: it does address extra travel expenses in aid packages.

Thanks to Chris for taking the minutes today ... I had to excuse myself from the meeting.