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Residential Council Minutes :: April 8, 2003

Excused: Chris

1. The lottery is over.

2. The Herald printed some incorrect statistics regarding coed suite selection, but it’s not a travesty because the flawed data still supports our points.

3. Spring Review will be on Thursday the 17th at 6pm in South Wayland Lounge. Although the purchase of Chinese food will be attempted, Brown First may restrict us to that staple of college life, pizza.

4. Squatting: We need a uniform policy, since definitions of suites and situations in Minden complicated things this year. Also, the current policy has the unfortunate side effect of interfering with seniority in the lottery (as in Andrews Hall, where the singles alternate between juniors and seniors from year to year). A motion was introduced to eliminate all squatting. It passed (9-0-1).

5. Freshman Housing Questionnaire: The question about smoking, while well-intentioned, is effectively worthless. Would another question, (i.e. Do you smoke?) be any better? In the past, only 1/1500 of respondents answered yes to that question. Having a question about smoking sends a mixed message since smoking is already not allowed in dorms, but the nut of the issue is finding out who cares about whether their room smells like smoke or not (regardless of whether the smoking happens inside or outside). The point was raised that we have a year to find a solution to this problem, since this year’s housing questionnaires have already been printed. A motion was introduced to add “Do you smoke?” to the freshman housing questionnaire. It passed (8-2-0)

6. A discussion about the proposed Campus Life committee ensued...Again. It seems as though the majority of the council feels that we have gained a lot by being antagonistic, but that we are unlikely to gain any more by being uncooperative for any longer. If we have the opportunity to effect change though this committee, then maybe we should join it, especially since it would include all of ResCouncil and no other students. Would having the senior members of ResCouncil, and not next year’s new members, on the committee be bad for ResCouncil??? We ought to think of a proposal to float to Dean Jablonski about this committee. Concerns were voiced about ensuring that the committee has tangible results in a realistic timeframe.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:55 PM

Submitted by Jeb Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003