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Residential Council Minutes :: April 15, 2003

Present: Jesse, Jeb, Chris, Evan, Sanders, Josh, Mike, Anoop, Brookes, Steve (tardy)

Absent: Andy, Pamela (excused)

Spring Review has been moved to the 24th, which is this Thursday. We will be in S. Wayland Lounge from 5-7pm, and hopefully Chinese food will be had. Attendance is requested, but not mandatory.

Bylaws discussion:
a. Absence Policy: After much discussion about how many absences should be allowed, and if excuses should count, it was decided that the council cannot function if its members aren’t at meetings. Therefore, two absences will be allowed per semester, period. A formal warning will be issued after the second absence.

b. Alternates Policy: Alternates should be ordered, so that if occasion arises to make one a full member, we know which to choose. It was decided to have no less than 2 and no more than 4 alternates at any one time, who will have the same rights and responsibilities as full members except that they will have no voting rights, nor will they be able to second motions put forth.

c. Order of Elections: Secretary will be moved to the end of elections, to facilitate dropping down to less desirable positions.

Submitted by Jeb Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003