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Residential Council Minutes :: April 22, 2003

Present: Sanders, Brookes, Josh, Eddie, Anoop, Pam, Chris, Mike, Jesse, Evan, and Steve.

Josh proposed a new system to change the system for negotiation of program houses for rooms. There was some disagreement about whether it was ever okay to skip stairwell doubles, and how this would be better than a memo issued to all program houses each year. After much discussion, there was no resolution. Mike stated that next week he would include information about this issue in a more comprehensive proposal for information to give to program houses at the beginning of each year.

Motion to suspend the by-laws for the purpose of amending the bylaws (9-0-0).

The previous week's suggested additions to the bylaws were proposed: in a change due to typing error, the amendments to the by-laws should state that whoever misses more than two meetings a semester shall be kicked off the committee.

Motion to amend the by-laws as such (9-0-0).

Submitted by Jeb Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003