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Residential Council Minutes :: May 6, 2003

Present: Sanders, Brookes, Josh, Pam, Chris, Mike, Jesse, Evan, Andrew, Laurel, Jeffrey, Jon, Felicitee, Victor, Adam, Allison, Ada, Olanma

1. Mike finished writing a memo to Program Houses with imformation about the room allocation process and ResLife/Student Life program house support, including contact information of appropriate deans; he will make some changes and take care of having it distributed to program house presidents.

2. Elections for 2003-2004 Residential Council

Council Chair: Jesse Goodman

Program House Chair: Joshua Troy

Lottery Chair: Pamela Dubyak

Policy Chair: Brookes Brown

Secretary: Christopher Guhin

It’s been fun.... And have a good summer!

Submitted by Jeb Berman, Residential Council Secretary 2002-2003