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Residential Council Minutes :: September 16, 2003

Members present: Jesse Goodman, Ada McElroy, Alexander Merkler, Joshua Troy, Andrew Feinstein, Laurel Rapp, Victor Long, Brookes Brown, Chris Guhin, Jonathan Marcus, Alexander Carnevale, Olanma Okoji
Alternates present: Adam Deitch, Allison Shaw

Members absent: Pamela Dubyak
Alternates absent: Felicitee Kertis

1. The Program House Review process was discussed and tabled due to the arrival of Dean Jablonski and Vice-President Greene.

2. Vice President Greene announced that two task forces are looking into improving student life in general, and that the University wants Residential Council support in identifying lounges and furniture in lounges that specifically need improvement and a less institutional feel.

3. The University is also looking into opening Jo's during the day and in opening dining facilities later into the night/morning (the latter being an item of great priority to the Secretary, if of less direct relevance to the Council).

4. Dean Jablonski asked for Residential Council support in identifying the dorms most in need of improvements, to compare with a list on file at Facilities Management.

5. Dean Jablonski also announced that claims will be settled for mold issues by the end of the week and that no new wall-to-wall carpeting will be installed in basement rooms. Finally, the Office of Student Life is looking into signing out keys from Wayland Arch, even late at night, rather than sending Brown police to unlock rooms.

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004