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Residential Council Minutes :: October 7, 2003

Members present: Jesse Goodman, Laurel Rapp, Victor Long, Alexander Merkler, Joshua Troy, Andrew Feinstein, Brookes Brown, Chris Guhin, Jonathan Marcus, Alexander Carnevale, Olanma Okoji, Pamela Dubyak; Ada McElroy
Alternates present: Allison Shaw, Adam Deitch

Members absent:
Alternates absent:

Policy: Brooks found out that failing two semesters would require separation from the university, so earlier giving of senior numbers would not be a problem. As New Pembroke 3 and 4 seem, according to Dean Forsberg, not to have mutual card access, we will recommend again that they be so connected.
Program House: Storage policy for program houses is being worked out with Residential Life.
Lottery: Dates and specifics for the lottery are being worked out with Forsberg.

1. There is universal agreement in the Council that we should recommend to the Office of Residential Life and the Office of Student Life that all suites with single-use, lockable bathrooms (including Young Orchard, Barbour, and Minden) should be optionally co-ed. There is a concern addressed as to whether or not the predicted opposition from the Office of Student Life should prevent our Council from recommending that Graduate Center suites with multiple-use bathrooms be made optionally co-ed as well, though no one voices a personal objection. Especially as these are the only suites available to sophomore, Brooks will meet with the Policy Committee and come back next week with a proposal for expanding the co-ed option to all of these residence halls.

2. Allison Shaw recommend an online place to discuss and rate the room in which you live: a Critical Review for rooms. Everyone likes this idea, and Alex Carnevale will look into its technological feasibility.

3. The idea of eliminating segments or changing structure in the lottery is proposed and then rejected, due to the importance of seniority and choice.

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004