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Residential Council Minutes :: October 14, 2003

Members present: Jesse Goodman, Laurel Rapp, Victor Long, Alexander Merkler, Joshua Troy, Andrew Feinstein, Brookes Brown, Chris Guhin, Jonathan Marcus, Olanma Okoji, Pamela Dubyak; Ada McElroy
Alternates present: Allison Shaw
Members excused: Adam Deitch

Members absent: Alexander Carnevale
Alternates absent:

Policy: Has had computer problems, but circulates a rough draft of the proposal for expanded co-ed housing. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
Lottery: Still working on dates for the lottery.
Program House: Reserved room for Fall Review.

1. There was a motion to suspend by-laws to allow Adam to be excused so that he might represent the Council on a Campus Life Task Force. It passes (11-0-0).

2. Deadlines for Off-Campus Housing. After much discussion, it is decided that Policy should draft a proposal saying that those requesting permission to live off-campus should do so at the end of November, with formal notice in February and stricter enforcement. This will be presented at the next meeting.

3. Chris brings up the idea of combining the lottery segment for five and seven person suites and for triples, doubles, and singles. It is shot down, due to concerns it would hurt students.

4. The issue of what else to discuss is brought up: there is great dissent as to whether the dirtiness of co-ops should be within our jurisdiction, as well as the Safe Ride program.

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004