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Residential Council Minutes :: November 4, 2003

Members present: Jesse Goodman, Laurel Rapp, Victor Long, Alexander Merkler, Joshua Troy, Andrew Feinstein, Brookes Brown, Jonathan Marcus, Olanma Okoji, Pamela Dubyak; Ada McElroy; Alexander Carnevale; Chris Guhin
Alternates present: Allison Shaw; Adam Deitch

Members absent:
Alternates absent:

Lottery: Tentative dates are set for the lottery: March 3 for Segment I; March 10 for Segment II; March 17 for Segment III; March 24 for Segment IV, with applications due on previous Fridays and Super Deadline Day likely on March 2. Locations for Lottery Segments will be decided early next semester (classes must be located first).
Policy: The Hegaman proposal will be emailed soon; a checkbox proposal will hopefully be here next week.
Program House: Everyone writes times intended to be at Fall Review.

Campus Life Task Force met for the first time. Director Bova gave a presentation at the last meeting.

1. Fall Review will be this Thursday from 5:00-8:20. It will be a time to evaluate compliance and listen to complaints. Josh then outlined all the different program houses and what will need to be evaluated during Fall (and Spring) Review, as well as the requirements for and benefits of Class A, Class B, and Class C housing.

2. Quiet Dorm is in New Pembroke 1: this is one of the loudest dorms on campus, for various reasons. New Pembroke 2 is currently Substance Free and included the only unfilled room on campus. Chris moves to make the third and fourth floor of New Pembroke 2 Quiet Dorm and the first and second floors Substance Free. Brooks seconds. This is approved (11-1-0).

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004