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Residential Council Minutes :: November 18, 2003

Members present: Jesse Goodman, Laurel Rapp, Victor Long, Alexander Merkler, Joshua Troy, Andrew Feinstein, Brookes Brown, Jonathan Marcus, Olanma Okoji, Pamela Dubyak; Ada McElroy; Chris Guhin; Alexander Carnevale
Alternates present: Allison Shaw; Adam Deitch

Members absent:
Alternates absent:

Lottery: We are still looking into different methods for an online Critical Review for rooms.
Policy: Brooks passes around a proposal for adding locks to Hegaman.
Program House: Program House Info Session is now on Thursday, November 20; table slips will be distributed.

1. Program House Evaluations were continued. Kappa Alpha Theta's score will be revised to a 90 due to their actually having a faculty advisor (12-0-0); Delta Phi receives a 90 as they are only given credit for one community service event (Halloween on Wriston), with the provision that if they do not throw a Class F on December 5, then they will go to an 80 and be sent back for Spring Review (12-0-0); French House receives an 80 for membership numbers and only one community service event (12-0-0); Buxton House receives a 90 with the recommendation to throw two clearly delineated community service event (12-0-0); Alpha Chi Omega receives a 90 with the note that we will see them after Rush to talk about membership numbers (12-0-0); Art House, which, as a new program house, will come back for Spring Review, receives a 65 for disjointed internal involvement, no community service, and no by-laws: they will be back on December 2 (12-0-0); Phi Kappa Psi receives a 90 for only one certain community service event (12-0-0).

2. Brooks reads and amends as per suggestions the proposal for adding locks to Hegaman; Chris seconds. It passes (12-0-0).

3. Dean Forsberg notes that summer renovations will be in Hegaman, Caswell, Miller, Metcalf, and Machado, as well as the exterior paint of Andrews.

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004