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Residential Council Minutes :: February 17, 2004

Members present: Jesse Goodman; Victor Long; Adam Deitch; Jonathan Marcus; Pamela Dubyak; Joshua Troy; Chris Guhin; Ada McElroy; Allison Shaw; Olanma Okoji; Alexander Merkler; Brookes Brown

Members absent:

Lottery: Spanish House is changing to Hispanic House. People are needed for information sessions; information will be emailed. A lottery survey will be shown next week.
Policy: Light outside Machado should be brought up with Safewalk, perhaps as agenda item for Council.
Program House: Nothing.

1. Sonia Gupta proposed a scavenger hunt that would result in the first pick in the lottery, as a replacement to the lip synch contest. The idea would be to raise awareness for campus services while facilitating people having a lot of fun. The issue of how this would promote the Lottery and was different from donation to charity was brought up, and UCS assured the Council that Lottery promotion would occur as much as possible. The question of what groups would be involved was asked and an email will be sent with the groups. We will vote by email during the week.

2. There is a two double difference between Quiet Dorm and Substance Free. No one seems to find that difference significant. The decision of last week stands: Quiet Dorm will now be in New Pembroke 2; Substance Free will be in New Pembroke 1.

3. 111 Brown St. is offered as a 13-person sophomore only cluster. One group traditionally wins it just before the lottery; 12 groups applied last year. We could instead offer it in Segment Four or offer it to a program house. Adam motions to continue it as an application process with the ability to reexamine it for next year. (11-1-0)

4. Art House concerns us because the leadership and Constitution that we were presented last year is not the same as what seems to exist. There is a sentiment that disbanding them now would be extreme; hopefully over the next year they will become more organized. Without opposition, they will stay on campus and Josh will draft a letter to advise them about potential changes in governmental structure and whom they can consult about an potential changes.

5. The issue of the Scavenger Hunt was raised, yet left undecided.

After the meeting, in an email vote, the Scavenger Hunt was approved. (8-2-0)

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004