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Residential Council Minutes :: March 2, 2004

Members present: Jesse Goodman; Victor Long; Jonathan Marcus; Pamela Dubyak; Joshua Troy; Chris Guhin; Allison Shaw; Olanma Okoji; Alexander Merkler; Brookes Brown
Members excused: Adam Deitch
Members missing initial vote: Ada McElroy

Members absent:

Lottery: Info session next week for transfer students. Lottery program is found and compatible with Windows XP. In the future, such programs should be left on disk. Try to show up at the lottery at 5:30 P.M. Pam is sorry if she angered U.C.S.
Policy: No.
Program House: We will talk to Art and Interfaith House today about housing.

1. Adam is granted an excuse from the meeting as he is interviewing architects with U.C.S. (9-0-0)

2. Art House feels a distinct need for common space, for at least community sharing of art. They have tried to do work in the hallway, but it is not effective. Art House has 23 people now: it will soon be 27. A double could not be used as common space, as the University needs to make money on it. The independent lounge is not big enough for workshops.

3. Interfaith House talks quickly. They want a lounge: the independent lounge is three floors below their living space and is only used for meetings, especially due to its status as a kitchen that is often used. The communal space is their hallway. They would prefer Diman to Harkness, if they could get an end lounge. They currently have 23 members and will be expanding to around 32. All are on the same hallway: the smell, the noise, and the trash bother the members on 301 and 302. They would want to live on the second floor. First priority is end lounge for community space; second priority is DORK to move out of the stairway and bring more people to the second floor.

4. Josh says without disagreement that end lounges should be off the table. As to Art House, we are not required to give studio space: also, independent lounges are what they are, without an end lounge, there are none bigger. Residential space isn't studio space: we cannot give them studio space. Brookes motions that we send them a letter informing them of their ability to reserve the independent lounge and let them know that they may be considered for preferred access to an end lounge next year. (10-0-0)

5. Lottery survey doesn't matter too much. Daily Jolt wants to do a what's happening during the lottery; unofficially, they will be present. McMillan 117 at 5:00-6:00 is when we should show up for the lottery.

6. Interfaith, without end lounge, proposed second floor. We will make sure they are fully informed about the housing negotiation process. We are tabling them until next week. (10-0-0)

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004