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Residential Council Minutes :: March 23, 2004

Members present: Jesse Goodman; Victor Long; Jonathan Marcus; Pamela Dubyak; Joshua Troy; Chris Guhin; Alexander Merkler; Brookes Brown; Ada McElroy; Olanma Okoji; Adam Deitch; Brendan Hargreaves

Members absent: Allison Shaw

Lottery: There was a wonderfully short lottery segment: 37 minutes. SEGMENT IV is Wednesday and people are signing up.
Policy: Need to talk about scavenger hunt and Grapevine.
Program House: No.

Congratulations to Pam for World Record Time in Segment III.

Lounge renovation architects are working.

Furniture show is ongoing.

1. Polling data: should it be done in Segment IV; should we do a phone survey; what sort of questions should be asked? The plan now is to have two questions, filled out after housing contracts and confidentially, specifically as to quiet dorm and substance free housing. This, multiple choice format, would determine why people choose these options. Single sex housing questions will be polled to people choosing those options as well.

2. New total numbers for those living in program houses next year, as of Friday: Harambee 46; Thete 33; Theta 24; ADPhi 40; Interfaith 32; Tech House 22; AEPi 36; Zete 27; Games 17; DTau 15; Sigma Chi 33; Phi Psi 25; AChiO 25; Art House 27. St. Anthony's Hall filled all but one double by King House.

3. The Scavenger Hunt angered many freshmen due to how easy it was and how it seemed like a separate lottery: 86 groups finished, and one was selected out of a hat. It seemed to take about an hour and a half, and the questions were mocked. Groups were allowed to be too large, leading to the ability to hand off the paper and do little work. Some departments and staff were displeased by the horde. The lip synch contest at least had freshmen get out there. Some people liked this format for this year; Chris wants to bring back the lip synch; Brooks and Adam were disappointed at the way UCS seemed to run the event by itself lacking Residential Council's presence or imprimatur.

4. Agenda: Shuttle and Escort seem less problematic; New Pembroke 3 and 4 and lighting will be examined by Brooks; numbers of rooms for Wriston to allow Harkness and Diman end lounge use was pondered as well; finally, we can talk about residential programming and hear from guests.

5. Dean Jablonski will be invited to talk about the final task force.

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004