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Residential Council Minutes :: April 13, 2004

Members present: Jesse Goodman; Victor Long; Jonathan Marcus; Pamela Dubyak; Joshua Troy; Chris Guhin; Alexander Merkler; Brookes Brown; Ada McElroy; Adam Deitch; Allison Shaw; Brendan Hargreaves

Members absent: Olanma Okoji

Lottery: Nothing.

Policy: Nothing.

Program House: Spring Review is actually next Wednesday (4/22) at 5 P.M. Pizza will still be there; you still should be as well.

Jesse and Pam talked to the CS students and discussed specifics.

Dean Mena will be here on 4/20; Dean Jablonski sometime soon.

Questions for Dean Mena: status of RC program; need for WPC program given mostly female nature of RCs; transgender housing is being reviewed due to donor complaints; whether WPC should change to Gender Peer Counselor; the status of upper class programming.
The nature of residential programming was discussed. Quality upper class programming was desired by Brooks and Pam, with good community building events (such as smorgasbord) and perhaps exciting trips. Chris is skeptical that good programming exists. Adam notes that some dorms are more conducive than others: suites make the nature of programming more effective. Brooks says suites can be more effective, as people choose them for good housing. Alex says that community would be great in Grad Center. Brooks proposes dinner or other activities (such as coffee) with faculty members. This would need to be on a smaller scale than the Faculty Fellows program and thus involve more professors: this could, however, cause the Meiklejohn bitterness problem, but hopefully that could be avoided.

Program Houses having numbers issues, less than 25, include: Delta Tau 13; Tech House 22. Games House has 17 members, but that is an increase and they seem fine. Kappa Alpha Theta has 24, but that is less of a decrease than Tech House and is about right: they will receive an email but not be asked to Spring Review.

Gender Neutral housing seemed inevitable; the New York Times article caused swarms of publicity. Many complaints seem to have been caused among donors, despite, or perhaps because, of the Times glowing article. Chris thinks that such housing did not need to happen, but, now that it was announced, it should happen. Jesse and Brooks think that the intensity of concerns dictates a serious response. Luke will be invited to Dean Jablonski’s appearance. Josh suggests, to avoid antagonism, to ask Dean Jablonski questions first.

Having seemed to have missed three meetings this semester (2/3/04, 4/6/04, 4/13/04), Olanma Okoji is now not a member of Residential Council.

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004