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Residential Council Minutes :: April 20, 2004

Members present: Jesse Goodman; Victor Long; Jonathan Marcus; Joshua Troy; Chris Guhin; Pamela Dubyak; Ada McElroy; Alexander Merkler; Adam Deitch; Brookes Brown; Allison Shaw; Brendan Hargreaves; Olanma Okoji

Members absent:

Lottery: Nothing.

Policy: Questions have been prepared for Dean Jablonski.

Program House: Spring Review, really, I promise, is going to be next Wednesday (4/29) at 5 P.M. Pizza, honestly, will still be there; you still should be as well.

Rosario Navarro, the new Assistant Director of Housing was introduced.

Dean Jablonski and Director of Housing Rich Bova will be here next week (4/27).

Dean Mena is transitioning from Brown after working here for five years. He nswered some queries earlier sent to him by Jesse. Residential Programmers (RPs), who serve non-freshman dorms, are required to do at least three community educational programs a year, working with the Community Directors (CDs) as a sounding board. Once a month, they must provide a social activity of some variety.

Residential Counselors (RCs), who serve freshmen units, are instructed to try to invite upperclassmen to events, but bear no responsibility to program for them. This is problematic for areas such as Andrews, where many upperclassmen receive no programming and little university support, especially in terms of being able to appeal to someone to deal with problems such as public fighting or stealing food. The issue of how to address the growing concern of upperclassmen living around first-year units and receiving little support was discussed as a concern for the Council. There has been discussion about developing programming more specifically targeted at upperclassmen, and Brooks thinks there should be more. Mena notes that Brown is affected partly by a model that might be stifling and that might not provide enough support at times: Stanford and Dartmouth, in his mind, are interesting models to ponder.

No changes in the sizes of units are planned right now, save for in Emery-Wooley/Morris-Champlin. Units were cut instead of increased because some units were so small (18 students) and others so large (70 students) that it seemed unfair to continue to allow some students to have to support far less people. Currently, each Counselor supports between 16 and 21 freshmen (with between three and four counselors per unit). The MPC and WPC programs (Minority and Women Peer Counselors) are being reviewed: MPCs, as per the Third World Center, are looking at being more campus based.

Olanma was excused for her absence on 2/3/04 due to confusion about whether a meeting was occurring by a suspension of the By-Laws (12-0-0). She is a member again.

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004