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Residential Council Minutes :: November 23, 2004


Members present: Adam Deitch, Chris Guhin, Michael Rozensher, Olanma Okoji, Ted Brown, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, David Pacheco, Holly Jackson, Vijaya Thomas, Katie Lamm

Members absent: Justin Glavis-Bloom, Rachel Lauter, Elie Rosen, Refai Arefin

Committee Reports:

Program House Chair Chris Guhin reported that Sigma Chi and Theta Delta Chi then came to make up their missed Fall Review meetings. Both were asked to return in the Spring. Alpha Chi Omega did not show up as scheduled by Chris. Chris said that Delta Phi had appeared at their rescheduled Fall Review and passed with an 80.

Games House
Games House was asked to come to follow up on their failing score at Fall Review, primarily to discuss its membership problem.
- Chris explained that Games house is under membership as defined by Program House rules, and that the University might not be able to let it stay on campus.
- The president of games house explained that while expansion is always possible, the house is at its largest right now and might have difficulty expanding.
- Chris said that Games House might be given a chance to increase its numbers during Spring Rush, but if there was no improvement its members might have to go into the lottery.
- Additionally, Chris mentioned that Games House has not met the programming requirements for this semester and had not appeared to be making an effort to do so.
- There was discussion about whether Games House was more appropriately a house or a club
- Adam said that discussion would be continued at the meeting on 11/30.

Lottery Chair Brendan Hargreaves had nothing to report.

Policy Committee brought up the following issues:
1. Squatting
- Olanma read the Policy Committee recommendation that squatting be allowed for rising seniors in singles as well as for entire suites of seniors intending to squat their rooms.
- Adam suggested that a formal proposal by Tuesday 11/30
- Chris said he planned to prepare a motion
- Mike motioned to vote by proxy on squatting, which would require suspending the by-laws for 11/30 meeting
- Brendan seconded, and the motion passed unanimously
2. Bike Storage
- Olanma read the Policy Committee recommendation: ResLife would notify students about bike storage, which would be provided in several dorms on campus to those in nearby dorms. Registration of bikes would be required, and students who failed to pick up bikes at the end of the summer would have their bikes removed.
- Chris motioned for a vote on this proposal.
- Brendan seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Chris will be motioning at the 11/30 meeting for a change in the policy for program houses selecting rooms prior to the lottery.

Votes will be held at the 11/30 meeting on squatting, the location of Art and Interfaith Houses, and on Delta Tau.


Submitted by Justin Glavis-Bloom, Residential Council Secretary 2004-2005