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Residential Council Minutes :: February 8, 2005


Members present: Refai Arefin, Adam Deitch, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Chris Guhin, Ted Brown, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, Rachel Lauter, David Pacheco, Holly Jackson, Vijaya Thomas, Katie Lamm, Michael Rozensher, Elie Rosen

Members absent: Olanma Okoji

Additionally, Associate Director of Residential Life Thomas Forsberg and Assistant Director of Residential Life Jacqueline Newcomb were present.

Dean Forsberg took the floor first.

The following proposals were accepted by ResLife: Moving Interfaith and Art Houses to the ends of Diman and Harkness, leaving Games House where it is, placing Delta Tao on probational status, establishing Harkness/Goddard/Diman/Sears as sophomore-only, 111 Brown St. as a prelottery sophomore only house, the first lottery pick recommendation, the squatting recommendation (semester level 6 or higher can squat singles next year).

The Grad Center co-ed status recommendation is still under examination. The bike storage policy has not been accepted because one of the components of the policy includes giving keys to students for summer bike storage. The bike storage problem will be reexamined by policy committee.

Committee Reports:

Policy Committee Chair Olanma Okoji was not present; members from policy committee reported that they haven't met yet and will be meeting next week.

Lottery Chair Brendan Hargreaves brought up that UCS had established their own lottery website. Adam discussed the desirability of information being centralized. Brendan eventually asked and got UCS to remove their website and link to the ResCouncil lottery page. Brendan has established a lottery first pick voting system. The winner would be announced on March 4th.

Program House Chair Chris Guhin informed ResCouncil that we will discuss Games House and DTao more fully next week.

Adam discussed the agenda for this semester. The lottery will take up most of our time, new program house guidelines will be presented and the program house committee will draft a letter to be sent to every program house chair at the beginning of the year. Adam then opened up the floor to proposals for policy ideas. The following were proposed:

  • regional Brown card access
  • drafting a recommendation to turn some Brown-owned properties into undergraduate housing
  • write a proposal for the future of undergraduate housing at Brown
  • investigate installing more washers and dryers in dorms, putting signs up all laundry rooms
  • reccomendations for student parking

Next week two representatives from USC will be coming to talk about the lottery.

Submitted by Justin Glavis-Bloom, Residential Council Secretary 2004-2005