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Residential Council Minutes :: March 8, 2005


Members present: Adam Deitch, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Chris Guhin, Olanma Okoji, Ted Brown, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, David Pacheco, Elie Rosen, Vijaya Thomas, Katie Lamm, Refai Arefin, Michael Rozensher, Holly Jackson, Rachel Lauter

Members absent: none

Additionally, Associate Director of Residential Life Thomas Forsberg was present.

Committee Reports:

Policy Committee Chair Olanma Okoji reported that Policy Committee met and wants to put together a recommendation for off-campus housing.

Program House Chair Chris Guhin reported he's still working on revising guidelines and suggested that policy committee recommend putting double paned glass in lounges, because they got very cold this year.

Lottery Committee Chair Brendan Hargreaves reported that dorms tours will take place this Sunday at 1 pm at Soldier's Arch. Online applications are being delayed, partially because we can't figure out where the site will be held, although hopefully they will go online soon. At 6 pm, for the next four Wednesdays, lottery segments will be held. Floorplans are online right now, but will be taken down after the lottery because of security concerns and because Facilities Management will someday be setting up a system that will allow floorplans to be accessed online. The lottery will be broadcast in realtime via ResCouncil's website.

Adam brought up the First Pick competition. The second place group wrote an appeal claiming that because the margin was so close they deserve something. Our rules clearly stated that there was one winner. Perhaps in future years we'll give out the top two picks. Additionally, Adam brought up that the fact that one of the people in the winner's group will be going abroad. Rather than let them pull someone in, ResCouncil decided unanimously to allow them to pick a 3-person suite. Next year, we discussed having a grand finale event where we announce the finalist.

On the issue of Grad Center becoming co-ed, deadlines have come and passed and there has been no formal announcement. Adam will email all the relevant deans and carbon copy the the BDH.

Dean Forsberg commented that there will be fire and light renovations this summer. In Minden particularly, the stairwell needs to be surrounded with a fire-proof wall, which will change the configuration of rooms, switching the three quads to triples and removing private baths for singles on every floor. Although there is no funding currently reserved for the project, it is planned to take place over the summer.

Submitted by Justin Glavis-Bloom, Residential Council Secretary 2004-2005