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Residential Council Minutes :: March 15, 2005


Members present: Adam Deitch, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Chris Guhin, Olanma Okoji, Ted Brown, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, David Pacheco, Elie Rosen, Vijaya Thomas, Refai Arefin, Michael Rozensher, Holly Jackson, Rachel Lauter

Members absent: Katie Lamm

Additionally, Assistant Directors of Residential Life Jacqueline Newcomb and Rosario Navarro were present.

Committee Reports:

Policy Committee Chair Olanma Okoji reported that Policy Committee met and decided to look into expanding card access to freshman and has emailed Dave Cardoza to get statistics regarding card loss.

Program House Chair Chris Guhin reported there is a controversy with DTao that he's dealing with and will give an update about at next week's meeting. Spring review will take place after the last segment of the lottery.

Last week's resolution: ResCouncil recommends that the Office of Residential Life install brightly-colored, highly visible, laminated signs in every laundry room on campus asking students to call the Office of Residential Life if a washer or drier is not correctly functioning, listing the number they should call, and informing students that they can get lost money back by visiting the Office of Residential Life. is being looked into by ResLife.

Lottery Committee Chair Brendan Hargreaves reported that the first pick group picked their room. The list of Segment 1 rooms is nearly finalized. Dorm tours will again take place this Sunday at 1 PM and a campus-wide email will be sent out by ResLife informing students of the schedule for the rest of the dorm tours. The first segment of the lottery will happen in Salomon 101 at 6pm.

Minden information is still forthcoming and will hopefully be available by the end of the week.

ResCouncil had previously discussed conducting a campus-wide, statistically-significant poll. Although WebCT might have a selection bias, it would be easier to run than calling everyone on campus.

Submitted by Justin Glavis-Bloom, Residential Council Secretary 2004-2005