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Residential Council Minutes :: October 4, 2005

Present: Adam Axler, Benjamin Boas, Kyle Evans, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, Jennifer Kuo, Allison Kwong, Katherine Lamm, Damian Maldonado, Michael Morgenstern, David Pacheco

Absent: Jimmy Kaplowitz, Laura Supkoff

  1. Meeting on Universal Card access is happening soon - Justin and Katie will be attending, Zac Townsend and Deanna Chaukos will be UCS reps
  2. Justin - meeting with Rosario about Lottery dates a loong time from now
  3. Policy did not meet
    1. Katie typed up proposal outlines for card access
      1. will email options to us
    2. sent them to Den Forsberg, forwarded around for comments
    3. meeting with deans Bova and Cobham about CA's
    4. waiting for a few meetings with faculty
  4. Program house
    1. Tal and Brendan met with Rosario
    2. We may have Olney opened for program house by the end of the semester
      1. applications for new houses going to be available
    3. Jimmy trying to get back summer storage for program houses, he will work on that
  5. CA program - how do we feel about CA program, how is it helping students?
    1. Questions for Katie's meeting
      1. could they take singles instead of best suites?
      2. why did they change RP->CA, what are the changes?
      3. how selective is the program? should they be desperate for CA's to the point of lowering standards?
      4. do these events actually build community? (8-4 straw poll for more / better events)
      5. are events well attended?
    2. Pros
      1. is important to have an outsider to help out with internal house problems
      2. do deal with noise complaints
    3. Cons
      1. CA's where there are program houses are redundant
      2. "are sometimes harmful", not need to assume leadership role when is already taken
      3. big issue is freeriders who CA pulls in
      4. quality of people who do it is uneven
    4. Informational
      1. RC's not at all a part of this inquiry - all agree they are helpful
      2. CA's hold programs, are available to residents, communicate with reslife and community director about incidents in dorm
      3. put up nametags, do walk-throughs through building
      4. they only get $200/year, not enough money for event
      5. if we have questions Rich Bova is happy to come
      1. we need to make it a really valuable program for students
      2. RP's (last year) were selected primarily after lottery, maybe we can do that now
        1. if we think the program has value, then we want to attract the best people
        2. maybe pre-lottery selection is essential for one good person in each dorm
      3. CA's must communicate what we can expect from them
        1. maybe people's issues are due to poor informational campaign
      4. have condoms on their door!
      5. put in a better feedback structure so residents can complain/discuss
      6. we can provide feedback about what has made individual (anonymous) CA's successful or bad
    6. faculty fellow study breaks are successful, tons of people
      1. huge budget, good food really helps
    7. What we can do
      1. we need to know details of CA prog and be very informed before we talk about it
      2. it is better if they dont have perfect control about room selection and can end up in single, so they are committed before they enter the program
        1. we dont want the suite as an incentive, so can't guarantee suite
      3. community is desirable, we should help CA's to get it
        1. increase budget/salary - $100 per week would make events awesome
    8. our opinion is not statistically relevant, we need more input

Submitted by Michael Morgenstern, Residential Council Secretary 2005-2006