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Residential Council Minutes :: October 11, 2005

Present: Adam Axler, Benjamin Boas, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Jennifer Kuo, Damian Maldonado, Michael Morgenstern, David Pacheco, Laura Supkoff

Absent: Kyle Evans, Katherine Lamm

Tardy: Allison Kwong

  1. Meeting begins at 12:03 PM
  2. Program House
    1. Dependant on when we get guidelines, fall review may be after Thanksgiving
    2. Currently it is hard to start a program house
    3. Currently requires
  3. Lottery met, next meeting Sunday at 8:15
    1. When lottery should be
    2. Brainstormed for Rosario meeting
    3. Meeting with Rosario canceled
  4. Policy
    1. Katie met with CA program deans
      1. They were not interested in reducing salary
      2. Switch from RP to CA happened because they didnt want the job to focus around programming
      3. They were interested in better PR
      4. They claimed they were not begging people to take jobs, but were selective in choice
      5. Trying to keep a low CA/Student ratio
    2. We are pro post-lottery selection to take away housing incentives
    3. Met w/ Deanna
      1. UCS comments about lottery, renovation of lounges
      Noise complaints are now in domain of CA and not DPS
      1. How do we file complaints of CA?
    4. What organization is profiting from CA program?
  5. Jimmy
    1. Program house council trying to form self according to guidelines
    2. Why is it taking so much time?
    3. Response: It is taking time comparing them to the as-yet-to-be-finalized guidelines
      1. ResLife is biased towards ResCouncil, not want to make ResCouncil peripheral in any way
    4. Program House Council looking for equal rights of program houses and greek council
  6. Next week Deanna Chaukos and Brian Becker are coming in
    1. University will act on recommendations, they have one month to change the proposal
    2. Will also work on updated pictures of dorm rooms
    3. Lottery is going through ResCouncil
    4. They want to make roommate survey more comprehensive
  7. Our thoughts on their recommendations
    1. Some of these claims seem to be not factual, or unclear
      1. Perkins lounges / kitchens
    2. We should have a 24-hour space on Wriston
      1. Wayland only has 2 lounges, don't make one 24-hour
      2. Make lounge 24-hour study space, turn library into lounge?
    3. 24-hour study space and television are mutually exclusive
    4. Have STUDY spaces and LOUNGES, it is better than combining them
    5. We don't want to take away lounges from freshman community
      1. That is a priority
    6. Perkins lounge
      1. very important to Perkins, whatever we do we cant take it away
  8. Our issues
    1. Perkins lounge and Wayland Lounge
      1. Everyone should take a field trip to Perkins lounge
    2. In some lounges (Emwool...) the couches are really new and shouldn't be replaced
    3. Everybody having card access to Wayland w/o Universal Card Access is problematic
  9. Possible recommendations
    1. Emwool lighting is rediculous - fix it
    2. Talk to UCS about getting freshman lounges cleared
    3. 24-hour study space - Ivy Room?
    4. Make Arnold 24 hours
  10. Meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM

Submitted by Michael Morgenstern, Residential Council Secretary 2005-2006