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Residential Council Minutes :: November 8, 2005

Present: Dean Forsberg, Adam Axler, Benjamin Boas, Kyle Evans, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Jennifer Kuo, Allison Kwong, Katherine Lamm, Damian Maldonado, Michael Morgenstern, David Pacheco, Laura Supkoff

Special Guest: Sean Curran, treasurer of games house, Chad Mank (Residential Life Housing Officer), Jackie Newcomb (Assistant Director for Operations), Zac Townsend (Admissions and Student Services Chair of UCS), Rich Bova (Senior Associate Dean of Residential Life)

  1. Meeting begins at 12:02 PM
  2. Program House
    1. Guidelines and Fall Review scoresheet completed
  3. Lottery
    1. Changing sophomore-only housing
    2. Changes to the lottery
    3. They will discuss ideas with statisticians to get academic idea about lottery
  4. Policy
    1. Card access meeting
  5. Questions for Rich
    1. Will Student Life and ResLife be open to restructuring the funding for CA's?
      1. Yes, re-allocated $20,000 per month
    2. CA's copensated more that C's relative to work we percieve them as doing--why?
      1. CA's paid $1755, RPL's $2000 -- RPL's used to make $750, CA's much less
      2. 1:18 ratio RA/student, national ratio for better-paid RA's is 1:60
      3. RPL's also do not enforce policy
    3. Money spent for CA/RPL training--will training sesions continue in the future?
      1. Yes, 5-7 days - costs $15-19,000 / large part is food
      2. Training is important, and team-building is important
    4. Some CA's want to do as little as possible for pay--how will ResLife work on that?
      1. They will take our suggestions and remove CA's who do not fulfill need
      2. Very open to reviewing individual CA's
      3. An evaluation is going out at the end of the semester
    5. We know very little about the CA program--must be better education to students
    6. Noise complaints responsibility of the CA?
      1. DPS makes it happen through CA, but they should not be sending you to CA
    7. Once, CA was causing the noise--what do you do??
      1. If there is noise, first talk to person making the noise. Then contact CA to assist you. Then call DPS, who will get in touch.
      2. 2 minutes - half-hour
    8. Can ResLife put up contact information for CA's and CD's?
      1. Yes, and can prepare sheet for staff in building.
    9. How did you decide how many CA's to put in each building?
      1. Picked locations in buildings
      2. Allowing them to pull friends is a very common practice--took as few suites as possible.
    10. What are opinions of making CA's post-lottery? - not attracting person who really wants to be a leader
      1. Old process was post-lottery, some buildings had none and some were not well-located.
      2. Open to look at placement of CA's
      3. They don't negotiate for housing, they are placed based on interviews
    11. Can you require self-publicizing, some way to make CA's more available?
    12. They will terminate positions mid-semester, look at waiting list and search for alternates
    13. Survey will have an incentive
    14. Gender-neutral housing
      1. it was done, first-year survey is different and enhanced
      2. Were no requests from students
      3. Some requests have been made for gender-neutral housing, they are being dealt with
    15. Changes to freshman housing survey to make more comprehensive? Is ResLife open to it? Sometimes it is good to be random.
      1. Some schools match by personality inventory, others use other tools to assess, some use no other matching criteria
        1. Will not match same hometown or concentration
      2. He is open to expanding matching, but diversity is important
    16. BUT environmental studies students in Hope, people with same name get put together - seems less than random
      1. Makes special placements based on DSS, special needs, university request to place program together
    17. Please take out same names in same room
    18. First-years over 21--is there older freshman housing?
      1. Yes, they are put together if they want.
      2. It as asked for them on the form.
    19. Reopening freshman lounges?
      1. Yes/No - ResLife is 99 students over, need to house them
      2. Students who change their mind to come back
    20. Everybody read program house council constitution and send comments
    21. Meeting adjourned at 11:56 PM
    Submitted by Michael Morgenstern, Residential Council Secretary 2005-2006