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Residential Council Minutes :: November 29, 2005

Present: Dean Forsberg, Adam Axler, Benjamin Boas, Kyle Evans, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Jennifer Kuo, Allison Kwong, Katherine Lamm, Michael Morgenstern, David Pacheco, Laura Supkoff

Special Guest: Sean Curran, treasurer of games house, Brian Becker and Sara Gentile from UCS

Absent: Justin Glavis-Bloom, Damian Maldonado

  1. Meeting begins at 12:10 PM
  2. Fall review is tomorrow, November 30, 5-8 in Wayland lounge
  3. Program House committee
    1. by super-deadline day, D-Tau and Games house must have membership of at least 16 and 22, respectively
    2. Otherwise, no priority housing will be given and the houses will be disbanded.
    3. If they miss this requirement, they will be disbanded. They then would enter the lottery normally.
    4. If their numbers drop below those between Super Deadline Day and Fall Review of next year, they immediately lose all program house privileges like common rooms, etc.
    5. Next Fall Review they will be re-evaluated.
    6. We cannot guarantee that they will live in Olney or on Wriston at all.
    7. Objections by Sean Curran:
      1. Many students go to tech house instead of games house, making it hard to recruit
      2. Sometimes students take unavoidable leaves
        1. Then it is up to houses to anticipate this and get more than the minimum; the minimum will stand under all circumstances.
      3. It is difficult to recruit not knowing where Games House will be.
        1. This will then be a test of their merits as an organization in addition to as preferential housing.
  4. UCS' Sara Gentile and Brian Becker are trying to change the freshman housing survey.
    1. Their summary of proposed changes, as of November 29
    2. Concern was brought up that some freshmen will never answer truthfully
      1. People will always try to second-guess survey, the most we can do is make it as effective as possible given this constraint.
    3. Other concern that some of the proposed questions will make no practical difference - more below.
  5. Questions
    1. Question 1
      1. If it is possible to do, don't lump 'social smokers' with 'smokers.'
      2. Concerns raised about whether more people would answer that they smoked
      3. Concern about changing the question from minding if your roommate smokes to do you smoke
        1. The old wording didn't actually determine who smoked and who didn't.
        2. Do we want to lump smokers and non-smokers together?
    2. Question 2
      1. After consulting with the registrar, Sara and Brian are changing the wording to reflect the time that many classes start, 9:00
      2. They feel that the times will be skewed closer to times high school students currently wake up, but they will be all skewed similarly.
      3. Con: No way for people to put wake-up time in perspective.
      4. Pro: Median split will ensure that they are lumped together more appropriately.
      5. Varsity athletes have different wake-up schedule.
      6. Pro: High school students still have an idea about when they will wake up, even if they can't predict perfectly.
      7. If the sorting program can do it, UCS will ask for matching by a difference of one hour, but if not they will encourage the median split.
    1. Question 6
      1. Con: It is a personality question, the wording of 'social' makes a bad division between 'socials' and 'antisocials.'
      2. Pro: change the wording but private/public space question is important
      3. Con: Regardless of the wording, it is not a good idea to minimize conflict in this area
      4. Con: lumping public and private spaces is a bad idea and it is dealt with in other questions.
    2. Question 7
      1. Pro: Sometimes people are from different places and want different temperatures, not personality issue
      2. Add a 'neutral' option.
      3. Add a disclaimer saying Brown doesn't let you control the temperature.
      4. Con: It may help a small number of people but mislead many.
      5. Con: Some rooms are just cold, regardless of roommates.
      6. Con: It is a part of compromise.
      7. Straw poll on question: 7-2 against.
  6. Which is the most important question?
    1. Smoking then sleep.
  7. Campus Life meetings are on 6:30 Thursdays, please email them with questions and comments!
  8. All ResCouncil members are welcome at Fall Review!

Submitted by Michael Morgenstern, Residential Council Secretary 2005-2006