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Residential Council Minutes :: February 14, 2006

Present: Benjamin Boas, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Allison Kwong, Katherine Lamm, Michael Morgenstern, Damian Maldonado, David Pacheco, Laura Supkoff

Absent: Kyle Evans, Dean Forsberg, Jennifer Kuo

Excused: Adam Axler

Special Guests: The Ursa Minors

  1. Meeting begins at 12:03 PM
  2. Motion made and seconded to wish Brendan a happy Valentine's Day
    1. Passes 22/0/1 (with Ursas voting)
  3. Lottery
    1. Waiting on one member for schedule, member has sent email
  4. Only Brendan can bring this change to the Ursa Minors
  5. Program House
    1. Games house is not conducting a rush
    2. D Tau has found a large group of freshmen to take over house, will be here next year
    3. Cooking house applied, seems legit.
    4. Tal will give them a checklist for fall review and ensure they have plans for events, prog house council, bylaws, fac advisor, elections, etc.
    5. Res Life will help determine where they will live.
    6. They will know whether they are accepted before the applications for the housing lottery are due
  6. Special interest housing survey
    1. NP1, "Quiet Dorm," not actually quiet, next to freshman unit
    2. Applying pre-lottery, 11 no, 14 yes (5/14 wanted to live in the program)
      1. Only 5 said they had wanted to live in the program
      2. 70 spots, 10 moved out
    3. Only five wanted program, six from waitlist, eight wanted single, eight only housing, nine wanted location
    4. Quiet areas can't get singles unless they have the semester level.
    5. We are awaiting the substance-free survey, it has not been sent.
    6. ResLife wants to extend this to Male-only, Female-only, 21+
    7. If there arent enough people who apply for all-male or all-female we will arrange the hallway so it is unigender within the lottery.
    8. Motion to move All-male, all-female, 21+, substance-free, quiet housing to pre-lottery
      1. Motion passes 10/0/0
  7. Soph-only housing
    1. New Pembroke could be a good soph-only house
    2. Could be the new Caswell-huge rooms, sinks, communities
    3. We can do soph-only on NP once ResLife decides about program houses
    4. Revisit why we have sophomore-only housing
      1. now it is used for community, but people use it for good housing
      2. now sophomores can cluster, but there aren't THAT many doubles
      3. community at Brown is based on
  8. Housing fair on Thursday night in Sayles, 7-9
    1. Justin will take a part of the time
    2. 6-10 are timeslots, let Jimmy know
  9. Info sessions and dorm tours need volunteers, Justin will send out an email.
  10. Justin will distribute poster and flat screens advertising lottery
  11. 111 Brown discussion
    1. IF they are all friends, can be incestuous
    2. People there aren't very happy
    3. Idea to make it two suites
    4. Idea to eliminate it as pre-lottery
      1. Motioned, no objection
  12. Meeting adjourned at 12:55
  13. 111 Brown motion annulled because it was not adequately recognized and discussed.

Submitted by Michael Morgenstern, Residential Council Secretary 2005-2006