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Residential Council Minutes :: February 28, 2006

Present: Dean Forsberg, Adam Axler, Benjamin Boas,Kyle Evans, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Jennifer Kuo, Allison Kwong, Katherine Lamm, Michael Morgenstern, Damian Maldonado, David Pacheco, Laura Supkoff

Tardy: Justin Glavis-Bloom

Special Guests: Christine Sunu, representative of Cooking House

  1. Meeting begins at 12:05 PM
  2. Minutes amended
  3. Program House -
    1. Q&A with Christine about Cooking House
      1. Rose from BUDS will be the faculty advisor for cooking house
      2. They have restaurant nights and community service events planned
      3. Where would be best for the house?
        1. Wayland would be better because it is closer to main campus
        2. Nice to learn from the example of other program houses
        3. Closer to the Ratty, locations of events
        4. kitchens in Wayland are significantly nicer
      4. Currently there are no special housing needs.
      5. They are not a co-op, do not feed selves exclusively through cooking house
      6. They will cook in small groups to allow people to learn
      7. They will go down to the 7-meal plan.
    2. Plantations and Wayland are both not ADA-compliant, both are difficult to retrofit.
    3. ADA compliance is vital, but people with disabilities need access to the kitchen also.
    4. Program houses MUST be open to everyone
    5. Idea about the back of Olney
    6. Option of the middle of a Wriston building would get closer to ADA compliance
    7. Possible ADA spaces are Perkins, Young O 2, Barbour Apartments, Gregorian Quad A&B (especially B), All Wriston buildings except Wayland, Keeney, EmWool, MoChamp
    8. Our suggestions: Wayland/Plantations, Keeney, MoChamp, Andrews
  4. Motion to reccomend Cooking House to ResLife.
    1. Passes 10/0/1
  5. Motion to submit list
    1. Passes 11/0/1
  6. Lottery First Pick Competition
    1. Lots of bad comments disparaging people, we will take away the anonymous posting
  7. Meeting adjourned at 12:54 PM

Submitted by Michael Morgenstern, Residential Council Secretary 2005-2006