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Residential Council Minutes :: March 14, 2006

Present: Dean Forsberg, Adam Axler, Benjamin Boas, Kyle Evans, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Brendan Hargreaves, Tal Itzkovich, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Jennifer Kuo, Allison Kwong, Katherine Lamm, Michael Morgenstern, Damian Maldonado, David Pacheco, Laura Supkoff


Special Guest: Richard Bova

  1. Meeting begins at 12:05 PM
  2. Program House
    1. Cooking house is going well
    2. Spring review will be after Spring Weekend
      1. Last few days of classes or beginning of reading period
    3. We will start looking at policy issues for program houses
      1. Talk to Tal about thoses issues.
  3. Policy
    1. Did not meet, waiting on status of CA and keycard access
    2. Athena and Jackie will update them on their reccomendations.
  4. Lottery
    1. Applications were due, we can now post the available rooms online.
    2. We will sign up for the lottery!!
  5. Issue about people who missed the deadline
    1. Claim that this system is unjust because there are no second chances.
    2. Concern that these students do not read their emails and seek out information.
    3. We can send an email about the deadline right before.
    4. Often people do not read university emails.
  6. Dean Bova here about MPC issues
    1. Minority peer counselor program reccomending that "Minority Peer Counselors move out of freshman units
      1. form program called "Minority Peer Mentors"
      2. Unit integration and integration with WPC's and RC's, they say, is not allowing them to get really involved with their purposes
    2. Want to spread out to provide all-year support network for TWTP, first-years, all years.
    3. Dean Bova thinks we can accomodate them after the lottery and pre-lottery placement is not as crucial as with CA's
    4. Might be as many as 8 in first-year units and 10 in upperclass areas.
    5. They are meant to be campuswide
    6. Money for MPC's is currently from ResLife and TWC, the ResLife money would not go toward the new program and could be used for higher salaries and events. (doubled salary, will try to double it again)
    7. We are still well below the national ratio of 1:40/1:50 counselor:student in first year program
    8. ResLife will work to have a different model in '08 fiscal year with RPL's due to Alcohol policy review and other policy changes
    9. Dean Bova welcomes our comments as a council or as individuals.
    10. Will focus mostly on freshmen and sophomores for the first year.
  7. Program house fall review
    1. Because nobody's seen it before online, there is more interest in how the fraternities are doing with the results of the fall review.
  8. Open debate about MPC's
    1. Often, students were confused about MPC's role
    2. Freshmen do have minority issues
      1. Teach every C to deal with those issues
      2. Some RC's and WPC's are minorities.
      3. Keep some MPC's there.
    3. MPM's don't necessarily need pre-lottery housing.
    4. Agree that the role of counselor sometimes keeps them from TWTP mission
    5. They don't necessarily need pre-lottery housing and we want to prevent the wrong inducements for becoming an MPM.
    6. Katie and Kyle will write up a statement.
  9. Lottery
    1. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5:15-10:00 or so
    2. Bring a laptop!
    3. There will be wireless there.
    4. Occupancy will hopefully be posted today.
    5. We will have guarantees (your number won't be posted before this time.)
  10. Meeting Adjourned at 12:55PM

Submitted by Michael Morgenstern, Residential Council Secretary 2005-2006